Adrián Levices

Translation Services



I am a freelance translator from English, French and Portuguese specialised in audiovisual, tourism, marketing and oenology.

I have translated all kinds of documents for translation agencies and specialised companies, both from inside and outside the European Union. 

Besides the years of experience in this sector, I have a broad education both in translation as well as in my sectors of specialisation. To all this, I can add my dedication, good treatment and customer care.



Degree in Translation and Interpretation (French and English) by the University of Vigo.

Master in Audiovisual Translation (French, English > Spanish) by the Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD).

Master in Specialized Translation (English> Spanish) by the Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD).


Since 2011 I have translated, revised and corrected thousands of documents for translation agencies and leading companies within the following sectors:

Audiovisual translation

Dubbing and subtitling.

General translation

CV, statements, letters, emails, historical texts, biographies.

Institutional and governmental translation

UN, European Union.

Tourist translation

Web of hotels, travel agencies, gastronomy.

Economic translation

Invoices, applications, market studies.

Marketing translation

Brand books, sales, fashion, dietetic products.

Technical translation

Oenology, manuals, cutting and confection.

Translation of texts on social themes


Legal translation

Fiduciary agreements, commercial records, birth certificates, tax certificates, real estate concessions, qualifications, construction contracts, insurances.


General and specialized translations

English / French / Portuguese > Galician / Spanish.

Sworn translations

English > Galician.

Review and correction

Spanish / Galician.

Why hire professionals?

Because we want to be understood and our messages to reach the right audience. Because only a truly trained professional can give you that peace of mind.


years of experience



Rates are calculated individually for each project, depending on the type of text, the format of the input file and the format of the output file. Send me an email to with the document you want to translate or correct and I will contact you within a maximum of 24 hours.